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Re: AIDA afstemning: Dommere til dybde-VM på Roatan

Indlæg: 16 maj 2017, 10:46
af Evita
Dear Assembly members,

Following the draw results from your 13th of May vote we are requesting a re-vote for the following two items:

Item 1:
Select 2 from the bellow 3 judges to join the Roatan Jury
1.a) Junko Kitahama
1.b) Yuriy Rakhmatullin
1.c) Savvas Savva

Item 2:
Do you agree with the promotion of Cedric Palerme to the level of Judge Instructor (Ai) ?
2.a) YES
2.b) NO

See attached info on the applicants to help you decide and please send your country's vote to until the 26th of May at 14:00 UTC/GMT

Best regards,

Alexandru Russu